dotgrey premium men's skincare brand


Inspired by nonconformists, entrepreneurs, and disruptors who are defying expectations and moving humankind forward with hard work, GREY was founded to celebrate innovative thinking and world-changing ideas.

As a brand, we embrace the same bold values and challenge the status quo through our design and publication. As a business, we deconstruct and reexamine every aspect of the so-called best practices, to give our audience the products they love.

Since 2016, we have embarked into uncharted territory—and all who dare to share the journey are welcome.



Bold but never nosey

"Ordinary" is not part of our vocabulary at GREY. We commit to being the first to ask why and the last to give up. Everything we make is a tool in promoting world-changing ideas, innovative thinking, and disruptive creation.


Nimble and independent 

While we respect the rules set by the giants before us, GREY is a brand that always thinks independently and critically. We don't aim to become the largest or the most profitable organization, but with a singular goal of building a more welcoming world to diversity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. For that, we strive to remain nimble and free from bureaucracy.


Fans before fame

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. " -- Margaret Mead
For us, this small group of people is our world. We are devoted to becoming the best spokesperson for the movers and shakers of our generation. Therefore, we are innately good listeners and are always hungry for feedback from customers.