dotgrey premium men's skincare brand

Who are we?


We are a community of respectful men who know their worth, embrace their style, and boldly express individuality. We savor the finer things in life while helping our fellow man be the best gentleman he can be. Do you ever tip your receptionist for a better hotel room? Or show up early and befriend your bartender for better service later? GREY is where you belong.


We are embarking upon uncharted territory in men's lifestyle—and all who dare to share the journey are welcome.


Why join us?


You work hard. That’s why you deserve high quality skincare to present your best self to the world. We also offer accessories to help celebrate what truly makes you unique while you’re out there making a difference. You’ll get recognized by other members on the street because they’ll know you put your best foot forward. They are like-minded men who know you don’t need an occasion to dress up. Discuss food, drinks, trends — everything that reminds men today how to be a gentleman.


How to join?


It’s simple. Fill out our membership form here and become part of the club today. Promise to uphold our mission of bringing positivity to the world by doing good in your day to day life.


What do members get?


  • 10% discount
  • Access to exclusive sales
  • Annual holiday gifts
  • Event invites in major cities
  • Monthly eNewsletter
  • Concierge service including tips on everyday life questions
  • A chance to become our featured member of the month
  • A sticker of positivity to leave a good message for anyone who needs it