10 Tropical Vacation Essentials

With Fall just around in it never hurts to start planning your warm weather getaway now. Since so many of us are heading to tropical beaches and sunshine, we’ve taken the liberty of making a list of essentials you may forget you need.


1. An All Purpose Backpack

The backpack is essential for anyone planning on traveling anywhere. It makes a good beach bag, travel tote, or hiking helper depending on your itinerary for the day. If you’re vacationing with kids it’s especially useful, because it’ll let you pack all of their essentials and souvenirs in one place. Nowadays they sell especially stylish versions for those of you looking to be practical yet bold.



With vacation hotspots full of sun and salt water, your skin runs the risk of being dry and burned by the end of the day. GREY is a men's skincare line that soothes sunburns, hydrates dry skin, and rejuvenates your face. It no surprise really, especially once you consider the fact that GREY contains ingredients like aloe vera, mango, avocado, and red clover. The GREY goSET makes their skincare travel size so you can easily keep it in your carry on bags, pockets, and backpacks!


3. Sunglasses with UV Protection

Now that sunglasses are a must have fashion accessory, many of them have forgone UV protection in favor of lowering production costs. When buying your sunglasses make sure they’ll actually shield your eyes on the beach by checking the fine print first.


4. Comfortable Sneakers

Walking is a part of any good vacation. Whether you’re exploring a city or just going to the beach a good pair of sneakers can be a blessing. Make sure they’re both breathable and in a color that will match the majority of your vacation outfits.


5. A Good Hat

A good hat can go a long way in protecting your face from the sun. While the jungle/safari hat is eternally associated with ‘Dad Style” a nice cap can go with almost anything. Recently, the bucket hat has come in to fashion, but you probably want to make sure you’ve got the head shape to pull it off. Straw hats have become more popular in the last few years as well, so that may be something you’re interested in too!


6. Aloe Vera Gel


Sometimes you can’t avoid being sunburned. You can miss a spot with your sunscreen or you sweat it off earlier than expected. Either way the result is the same, a ugly red skin that hurts constantly. Aloe Vera is fantastic for not only soothing sunburns, but healing them as well. You can buy aloe gel in almost any convenience store and it’s guaranteed to be your (or your family’s) saving grace.


7. A Bold Beach Towel

Hitting the beach is a vacation essential so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that you’ll be one of many people carving out a space in the sand for your stuff. Having a bold beach towel can help you find your spot more easily in the crowd and make sure no stranger takes it by accident. If you have kids this can be a good idea too, if they become lost, they’re more likely to find your family’s spot in the sea of people.


8. A Waterproof Phone Case

Let's face it, at some point in your vacation your phone is gonna get wet. Either it’s placed in a bag with wet swimsuits or it just falls into the ocean. It’s gonna happen - there’s no way around it. By using a waterproof case you can make sure a quick dip in the sea won’t be the end of your phone’s life.


9. A Flotation Strap

This can be used for anything you don’t want to lose in the ocean. Phones, cameras, wallets, etc. can all be attached to the strap so once they fall overboard, you can easily get them back. This is especially recommended for anyone planning on boating or swimming in deeper parts of the ocean.


10. Sunscreen

This is absolutely essential for anyone who cares about their skin. Not only does sunscreen keep you from getting burned, but it prevents skin cancer as well. With global warming getting worse everyday, you shouldn’t take chances with your health. When buying, make sure to get the highest level of SPF possible for increased protection.

What did you think of our vacation essentials? Were we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


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