Why Rami Malek is Our Style Icon

This Emmy award-winning actor has some serious style game. First bursting into the public consciousness with his lead role in Mr. Robot (despite having appeared in numerous other projects like Night at the Museum and The Master), this guy is definitely someone to watch. Over the last few years, we've seen some great fashion moments from him and his consistent good taste has made him many people's style icon. Since he's about to star in the upcoming Freddie Mercury movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, we thought it was a good time to check out some of his best moments in style.

This great outfit from a SAG event's red carpet is an excellent choice for Malek. The contrast between his darker shirt and the suit jacket emphasizes the 'v' shape of the collar and creates an illusion of slightly broader shoulders. This plus the fact that the tailoring emphasizes his slimmer waist does great things for his visual proportions. The texture of the suit itself is exciting without being too loud and stands out well against the bright red of the carpet below him. Malek hardly ever wears a simple black and white suit, and this is no exception. 


This Dior Homme look from the Met Gala is certainly one that stopped the presses. The bold red would have been swallowed up if he was on an actual red carpet, which means this look could be the result of spectacular foresight or excellent luck. Either way, the all red suit draws the eye and the black shoes and pocket square accent it perfectly. He looks a little gothic here, which is a style he's definitely able to pull off. 


Rami Malek is definitely someone who isn't afraid of pattern and this look is proof that it can be incorporated with ease into any suit. The beige suit's tones play in the mostly neutral floral shirt below. With this elegant combination, the look altogether embodies sophisticated ease. 


Another great moment in floral is this look Malek wore at San Diego Comic Con. The outfit is ultimately relaxed (which is in the spirit of the event) but has an aura of high-class comfort. The loafers and trousers go a long way in elevating the outfit, while the shirt is fun and signals an overall easy attitude. 


Rami Malek's style off the red carpet is pretty great as well. Here we see him in a great dotted button-up, blue trousers, and sunglasses. The neutral tone of the shirt keeps the polka-dots from being too loud, while simultaneously complimenting the rich blue of the pants. It's worth noting that there's a subtle stripe down the inner leg of the trousers which is a cool hidden detail for style lovers. The shoes are both comfortable and good looking which is a hard combo to find in men's footwear. His rounded sunglasses are a look not everybody can pull off, but Malek does it with confidence. 


The rich blue seems to be something he's fond of because this all blue number is a look that can only be worn by someone with a hell-of-a-lot of confidence. It's a total knock out for sure and makes him seem as though he's walking out of a magazine. The suit itself has great tailoring and seems to fit excellently. The trousers are unbelted which eliminates the visual divide typically between torso to hips. This lengthens his form and makes him appear taller and slimmer. The dotted button up under his suit jacket is great because while its blue matches the look, its pattern establishes some subtle visual contrast. The lighter blue shoes are just plain awesome and do a great job of complimenting the outfit. Plus - those sunglasses are badass.


Malek a can also pull off a more subdued color scheme as well. Here we see him in a neutralized maroon, a tone dark enough that at first glance may even appear brown. The stripe down the arm is a unique visual detail that serves to set him apart and once again emphasizes the line of his body. 


Overall Malek is obviously fluent in fashion and uses his bold taste to set himself apart from many of his famous counterparts. When so many stars stick to the black and white suit, Malek almost always has a little bit of an edge (or a lot) in his styling choices. Due to his confident approach to dressing, he's a great person to use as a way to monitor current trends and see what's going to be popular in the future. He's a trendsetter as well as a talented actor and hopefully has a hell of a career ahead of him. 


What do you think of Rami Malek's style choices? Are there other style icons you'd like to see us talk about next? Let us know on social media or in the comments! 

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