Why Chadwick Boseman is Our Style Icon

Anybody alive on the planet right now knows that Black Panther is awesome. It’s not even up for debate. From the fantastically written characters to the great action, it’s no surprise that this movie has become such a phenomenon. In the recent press tour, we’ve seen some great style choices from Chadwick Boseman, a man who may quickly become a style icon. From bold uses of prints to unique applications of texture, Boseman’s fashion choices have been a feast for the senses.

First, we have Boseman’s look for the United States premiere. Here we have him in a fantastic outfit from Emporio Armani’s spring 2018 collection. The bold print on his suit jacket is intricately stunning in gold, black, and white. While the pattern has the initial appearance of being sporadic, upon closer inspection it’s revealed to curl its way around the torso. It creates a sense of glowing kinetic movement that looks stunning when photographed.



Chadwick Boseman in Emporio Armani


Next, we have the European premiere where Boseman brought out a look from Givenchy’s 2018 Spring collection. The long, impeccably sleek jacket is tailored to fit perfectly. Its application of a shiny pattern evokes tiger stripes in the viewer’s mind; while the sheen from the underlying checked shirt carries the texture through the outfit. The clothes serve to heighten Bosemen’s confident demeanor as it is not only a bold choice, but a slick one as well.


Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy


Lastly, let’s check out Boseman’s fantastic Oscar look. Again he seems to go for the longer tailored coat look, but this time with beautiful silver shoulder embellishments. The placement and intricacy of the application emphasizes his wide shoulders while showing off some stunning artistry. As many have noted, the look seems to reference a few of the outfits his character wore in Black Panther. Said similarity was highlighted when he crossed his arms and shouted “Wakanda Forever!” on the red carpet in an iconic salute!



Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy Couture


It’s clear from Boseman's recent set of style choices that he’s easily becoming a trendsetter for the modern man. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people took their cues from his dressing in the future, clearly, he knows what he’s doing.


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