Historic Night, Hidden Style: The 90th Oscars

At the 90th Oscars this past weekend, audiences were excited for plenty of reasons. From Jordan Peele being the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay, to Guillermo del Toro’s heartfelt speech advocating for immigrants, it was thrilling to say the least. As one may expect, such a groundbreaking evening had some seriously lovely style choices. Two men's trends stood out to us here at dotGREY: Velvet and Contemporary White.

First, the smooth texture of velvet was showcased beautifully by a number of actors that evening. Ansel Elgort and Oscar Isaac embraced darker fabric tones, which were a smart choice for an event with so many cameras. As the flashes went off the texture’s natural sheen highlighted their torso’s contours while the deep blacks created an aura of luxury.

Conversely, Armie Hammer and Daniel Kaluuya chose warmer tones which did wonders for highlighting their skin while simultaneously embracing the lush nature of the material. It’s worth noting that Michael Strahan and Matthew McConaughey wore velvet to great success that evening as well.

Ansel Elgort_Oscars2018   DanielKaluuya_Oscars2018   OscarIsaac_Oscars2018   ArmieHammer_Oscars2018

At the same time, we also saw a great nod to those of us who adore clean and modern dressing. Jordan Peele and Timothee Chalamet looked fantastic on the red carpet in their pristine suits.

With exceptional tailoring and a skinnier pant, Chalamet looked not only youthful and charming, but contemporary and stylish as well. All white may not seem like a particularly bold fashion decision at first, but it’s definitely not an easy look to pull off. It’s possible Chalamet’s natural fresh-faced appeal allows for him to pull off style choices that would seem risky to others.

Jordan Peele chose a more classic and sophisticated version of the look by pairing the exceptionally tailored jacket with darker trousers. It photographed fantastically on the runway, and looked even better during his historic and well-earned win.

timothee-chalamet_Oscars2018   jordan-peele_Oscar2018


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