Small Dot, Big Step

Dear members,

There are moments that define a man’s life. The first time he moves away from home. The first time he holds his child in his arms. These are pinnacle moments that shape him into the man he is meant to become. For dotGREY, the past six months have been an arduous journey of creating the finest skincare products and laying the groundwork for an enterprise we are proud to call our own. We were just a newborn, really—trying to find our place in the world, molding ourselves in beta. But now, like a majestic eagle spreading his wings, or a fantastic frog that became a prince, we have transformed ourselves and taken our first steps into adulthood.

This is our defining moment.

We are pleased to announce we are changing our brand name from dotGREY to GREY. Our team is extremely excited about this transition. We double down on our mission of defying expectations and creating something truly remarkable for modern city gents. To keep things simple, clean, and sophisticated, GREY is who were are now.

We congratulate those of you who joined the dotGREY club during our first initial steps and gave us invaluable feedback. Now, you are the founding members of the new and exciting GREY club. For that, we thank you. No matter what changes life throws your way, we promise GREY will continue to be there for all your defining moments.

We still have even bolder, more daring things coming your way—but don’t worry. One thing that will never change is our penchant for providing you with the highest quality skincare imaginable. Now, we invite you to continue with us on this journey and discover what we have in store for the future.



Anson Wu, CEO, GREY Lifestyle


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