February 2018: Top 3 Instagrammers to Follow

The best style is no longer living between pages of a glossy magazine. Trends are no longer decided by a few designers or style icons. Instagram has changed the lifestyle game, and empowers many of us to become a trendsetter.

However, in the age of the #tag, we’re often overwhelmed with information. To save you from sticking your thumb where it’s not wanted or needed, we’ve highlighted the 3 best Instagram lifestyle accounts that best fit the dotGREY lifestyle.


Adam Gallagher

Adam always finds a way to balance classic styling with bold modern statement pieces. Looking good never means blending in for Gallagher.

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Matt Benfield

We love Matt's uncanny ability to look dashing and inviting at the same time. He looks like a fun guy to grab a drink with after work.




Eric Rutherford

If you ever wonder how a modern gentleman should present himself in both formal events and everyday chores, Eric's Instagram account is one of the best examples.






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