8 Reasons Mango Butter is Essential to Healthy Skin

Everybody is familiar with mangos, the sweet and delectable fruit is a fan favorite world wide. The plant itself is native to Southern Asia and has an inherent richness and flavor that has made it the national fruit of 3 different countries. We at dotGREY love mangos not only for their taste, but for their skin benefits as well! Here are just a few reasons why dotGREY makes sure mango butter is in our HYDRATE | Men's Deep Hydrating Night Cream:

1) Shelter and Shield. Mangos contain beta-carotene, a natural sunsheilding agent that helps protect your skin from burns.

2) Anti-Acne. Mangos are know to be rich in Vitamin A, something that has been found to lower your skin’s amount of oil production. By minimizing the amount of pore clogging oil, acne can be prevented.

3) Wrinkle Repair. The antioxidants, Vitamin C,  and Vitamin A within mangos have been known to aid skin in it’s own growth and repair functions. By doing this fine lines and signs of aging can be reduced as well.

4) Gorgeous Glow. Mango has been shown to create a dewy fresh faced glow in the skin by reducing dark spots and other minor ailments.

5) Strong and Supple. The Vitamin C that’s abundant in mangos is know for firming and smoothing skin. By doing this it not only evens out your complexion, but protects skin from external hang-ups as well.

6) Hyper Hydration. Mango butter is used as a highly effective moisturizing agent that works wonders on dry and cracked skin. Some people even use it as a lip balm!

7) Sensitive Soothing. Mango butter’s moisturizing and antioxidant properties make it an ideal candidate for the treatment of sensitive skin. It’s luxuriant feel and soft touch can mollify blemishes and burns.

8) Ignore Itch. Mango butter has been used to calm itching and stinging after insect bites or poison ivy.

It’s clear that mango butter has some seriously effective results in skincare. While we wouldn’t blame you for smearing pulp on your face, using dotGREY’s HYDRATE | Men's Deep Hydrating Night Cream is a bit more sophisticated.

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